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Jacqueline & Robert Poindexter
The renowned songwriting/producing/vocalist team Jacqueline and Robert Poindexter, along with Richard Poindexter have persevered through the years into the new millennium.

Since their professional musical careers began some forty years ago, the Poindexters have earned numerous gold and platinum records for recordings by some of the biggest artists in the entertainment industry.

Through early hits recorded by artists such as the Ojays, Linda Jones, Jimi Hendrix, the Persuaders, the Manhattans and others, the Poindexters pioneered new trends, styles and forms in R&B and Pop music.

The Poindexters were in the forefront of the 1970s vocal group resurgence with their classic, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate by the Persuaders, I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow by the Ojays, She's a Fox by Jimi Hendrix and It's Gonna Take a Lot by the Manhattans.

The Poindexters have also written and produced for Sam and Dave, Dee Dee Warwick, Randy Crawford, Maya Angelou, Florence Ballard of the Supremes, Tina Marie, Kid Frost, the Escorts, Joe Bataan, the Hesitations, 9.9 and many others.

Noted producers who have produced the Poindexters' songs include Roger Troutman, James Brown, Rick James, Richard Dimple Fields, BennyGholson, Jay Z, Damon Dash, Will Smith, Chris Thomas, John Legend and Kanye West.

Platinum and gold records awarded to the Poindexters include Slow Dance on the John Legend 2007 platinum album Once Again, He Can Only Hold Her on the Amy Winehouse 2007 platinum album Bacck to Black, Thin Line Between Love and Hate on the 1984 Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders platinum album Learning to Crawl, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate on the Annie Lennox 1996 platinum album Medusa, Willow is a Player on the Will Smith 2002 gold album Born to Reign, Girls Girls Girls remix on the Jay Z 2002 platinum album The Blue Print, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate on the H-Town 1996 gold single , A Thin Line Between Love and Hate on the Martin Lawrence 1996 gold movie soundtrack by the same title.

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